Kendall Jenner Skin Care Routine

A supermodel’s skincare routine

Kendall Jenner, the 20 years old supermodel wasn’t always perfect. It’s hard to believe that a model with a stunning face, long legs, and amazing skin once had acne issues.

The model revealed that she had gone through a big awful acne-ridden skin phase at her early teen’s, and had to get her acne cleared up with the help of a dermatologist, Dr. Christie Kidd. ‘I had such bad acne when I was younger,’ she said. ‘It completely ruined my self-esteem.

I wouldn’t even look at people when I talked to them. I felt like such an outcast; when I spoke, it was with my hand covering my face.’

Dr. Christie Kidd works in Beverly Hills and treats the Kardashian-Jenner family, to help them achieve the perfect no-make-up selfie look.

Below are some recommendations from the doc on getting spotless skin like Kendall Jenner

  1. Stay away from exfoliating scrubs and rotating brushes

The first thing you need to understand before getting started with your skin is that exfoliating scrubs and rotating brushes can be a little too harsh for your acne packed skin.

If you have acne or frequent blemishes, you must treat your skin very delicately and use your bare hands to wash your face. After that, pat your face dry with a soft, nice towel.

Dr. Christine suggests staying away from washcloths along with scrubs and brushes as they can turn out to be too abrasive. Washcloth also carries bacteria if not washed immediately after every use.

‘I often find patients have bought and are using far too many products which makes their skin worse,’ she said. ‘Keeping it simple and effective is far better for acne.’ she further added.

She also went on explaining that Kendall wipes her face with an Acne Fresh pad, developed by Dr. Christie, herself.

  1. Use sunblock

Sunblock is a must for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, facial brown spots, skin disorders and skin cancer, the appearance of blotchiness and facial red veins, or early development of wrinkles.

Kendall uses EltaMD clear to protect her skin from being exposed to the sun without looking shiny or feeling greasy.

  1. Night Routine

A decent night routine for your skin will make a big difference in your life. Skin repairs itself at night, hence, it is important to use good techniques and active products to aid this process.

Kendall’s nighttime routine includes removing every inch of makeup left with the help of products such as deep cleanser and renewing serum. The deep cleanser helps in clearing out all the impurities and the dead skin cells and renewing serum helps in reducing inflammation and moisturizing well.

She also never skips applying eye cream and a lip balm. Dr. Christine recommends using clear, natural cleansers like coconut oil, water, orange oil, tea tree oil, lavender, or chamomile to make sure the skin takes in good things avoiding all sorts of chemicals.

  1. Laser Acne Treatment

Apart from home skincare routine, Kendall also relies on Laser treatments to achieve the skin that she has. Laser Genesis treats acne, its redness, and its scars and ensures that the model has a dewy glow on her skin all the time.

Dr. Christine is a firm believer in using minimal products and following a small, easy routine to keep skin clear and fresh. She suggests starting the day by washing your face, patting it dry, applying sunscreen, and finishing off by using untinted moisturizer.

Following Dr. Christine’s footsteps, Kendall lives by the mantra, “keep it simple” when it comes to taking care of her skin.

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