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Agnes Hailstone

When shows like “Life Below Zero” air on television, people start finding reasons to appreciate what they already have.

Agnes Hailstone, along with several other cast members, is a part of the documentary television series, Life Below Zero on National Geographic. Through the show, Agnes has shown an unbelievable side of her life. What she has taught on the show is something that most of us can’t even imagine experiencing.

The show depicts the struggles of the people living in the isolated state of Alaska. The docu-series presents the living style of the Alaska-residents in an adventurous and gripping way.

When we talk about the show, the Alaskan-native, Agnes Hailstone, can’t be taken for granted. She is the one on the show who has spent the longest time in Alaska.

Agnes is a mother, wife, and, most importantly, an impressive reality television star. Self-dependency and the ability to live in extreme conditions distinguish her from many of us. While we entertain ourselves watching all the adventures on the show, Agnes lives the moment.

One wrong move can cost her life.

Without further ado, let’s get to know about how Agnes Hailstone’s personal life is like.

Agnes Hailstone: Alaskan-Native from Life Below Zero

The Alaskan glaciers don’t scare Agnes Hailstone. Born in northern Alaska, she learned survival in extreme conditions since her childhood. Hence, the icy region of Alaska was nothing but home to her.

When the BBC worldwide decided to launch Life Below Zero, her ability to adapt to the extreme conditions gave her the win. In a brief period, Agnes became one of the fans’ favorites. Her innocence, pure heart, and strength won over a considerable number of audiences in a short period.

Life Below Zero is a documentary television series that airs on National Geographic. The show has been entertaining its fans since 2013. It brings a set of people from Alaska together to show how they cope up with their life. BBC Worldwide production is unique in its own right.

As the show revolves around the people from the remote areas of Alaska, the viewers get the sight of how difficult survival can be in the below-zero conditions.

But, impressively, the cast members, including Agnes Hailstone, make it look like a way of life. Along with Agnes, Chip Hailstone, Sue Aikens, Andy Bassich, Glenn Villeneuve, and Jessie Holmes are the regular cast members.

Agnes Hailstone, as seen on Life Below Zero, is a nomad hunter. She learned substituent hunting from her older generations. As cool as it sounds, her skills and story of survival is not something everyone is capable of embracing.

No wonder Agnes Hailstone is a unique personality.

Agnes Hailstone: Wiki and Age

Agnes Hailstone was born on June 14, 1972, in Noorvik. Her family is the native of Northern Alaska and belongs to the Inupiaq Tribe.

Agnes is 48 years old.

Agnes grew up in a big family and had a huge family of her own. Losing her mother and brother in ice storms was one of the greatest tragedies of her life.

As a part of the daily activities, Agnes grasped the techniques of hunting and fishing from an early age. Roaming around the Alaskan-Glaciers was a part of her life.

She belongs to the family of hunters. The skill and lifestyle have been transferred from generation to generation as if it had to be inherited.

Nevertheless, Agnes takes pride in being a hunter. She makes the most out of her skills by using the kills in the form of meat, oil, tanning skin, or any other thing that she could use in the household.

The ability to live under the most limited circumstances make her one of the most potent candidates on the reality television show.

Agnes Hailstone’s Face Tattoo: Personality Traits

For all that Agnes Hailstone has experienced, she is a woman of a kind. She is a Gemini, and courage, independence, and uniqueness are a few of her fascinating personality traits.

Agnes Hailstone is unique in every way. From her lifestyle to her chin tattoo, everything holds significant meaning in her life.

While people commonly get tattooed as a part of interest, Agnes received her chin tattoo as a sign of her family’s values.

The popular chin tattoo of Agnes Hailstone is a sign of maturity. She had her chin tattooed when she hit puberty, signifying her hard work and the serious nature.

If that is what the four vertical lines inked on her tattoo signifies, Agnes Hailstone has proven everything it says. Hard work and a rather introvert nature is Agnes’s real personality.

Regardless of the introvert nature, she aces in all the work she does. That’s how it is in Inupiaq Alaskan.

“Too different yet too similar,” this is what Agnes Hailstone is as compared to every woman out there.

A woman so independent like her, who knows where she comes from, is someone we ought to look up to. If not follow her values, we have, at least, a lot to learn from her.

Agnes Hailstone Has Seven Children

Agnes Hailstone is a dignified woman in a family of nine. She and her husband Chip Hailstone have seven children, including five daughters and two sons from Agnes’s previous marriage.

They live near the Kobuk river in Noorvik.

Her sons, Douglas and Jon Carter, both are hunters. They have followed their mother’s path learning everything possible from her. Time and again, they also appear in how “Life Below Zero.”

Douglas, who has tied the knot with Gloria Lyatunguk, is a father of five kids. Likewise, Agnes’s other son, Jon Carter, is also a married man with kids.

Coming to her daughters, Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, May, Caroline, and Qutan, we might likely see at least one or two of them on the same track as their parents. The elders of the five daughters, Tinmiaq and Iriqtaq, received homeschooling initially.

Regardless of the extreme situation they had been living in, Tinmiaq and Mary continued their education formally. Iriqtaq even graduated from Noorvik.

Along with the academic studies, both of them were excellent in sports as well. Tinmiaq, in her final years in school, played basketball alongside her sister, Mary, who was the captain of the school’s basketball team in the freshman year.

While the elder sisters have already been to the schools, the younger ones, Caroline and Qutan, are learning the ropes. No wonder Agnes Hailstone is not going to let her kids skip the lessons that they need to acquire to be living in Alaska.

Agnes’s children, for sure, after her, will be taking her legacy forward. As a viewer, it feels incredibly satisfying to know that the techniques and the lifestyle like such are under protection from being extinct even in the modern world.

Sneak Peek into Agnes’s Love Story: Agnes and Chip Hailstone

As per the record, Agnes Hailstone has married two men. The first of her two weddings was not a success. She married a man who goes by the last name, Carter, when she was only nineteen.

After two sons with Carter, Agnes, for her reasons, separated from the man. However, it was not all that life had for her love life.

She met a perfect partner for herself after the end of her first marriage. Agnes met Chip Hailstone, who, like he is a hunter, in Noorvik. The initial meetings soon turned to a beautiful relationship for the couple to tie the knot in around 1992.

Chip arrived in Alaska in around the late 80s when he was a teenager. He is originally from Kalispell in Montanna. Fry was named Edward V Hailstone when he was born in 1969.

Agnes met Chip when the later was visiting Alaska. With no initial interest in settling over there, Chip found love and decided to make a family with Agnes.

Both of them are each other’s most significant support. Apart from being great hunters, Agnes and Chip are great parents to their kids.

Their union is an example of blissfulness. Not even the extreme conditions they dwell in have the power to bring trouble in their paradise.

Viewers can see the lifestyle of the couple on Nat Geo’s Life Below Zero.

Agnes Hailstone: From Alaskan Bushes to Life Below Zero

From the glaciers of Alaska to the famous Nat-geo show, Life Below Zero, Agnes Hailstone has lived enough.

After all, living in the Alaskan bush is not a work of a joke.

Agnes Hailstone shot to fame after she first appeared on the show seven years ago. Yes, when the show first aired on May 19, 2013, Agnes caught the viewers’ attention.

Fascination among people was more than enough when they found out about her lifestyle.

The lifestyle occupied hunting, fishing, and independently living on their own. The daily and seasonal activities of the nomad hunter helped Agnes get fame in no time.

Agnes, who hails from the Kobuk river in Noorvik, 19 miles North of the Arctic Circle, is one of the most famous cast members of the show.

Living as a subsistence from an early age and her lifestyle growing up made an impact on several producers. Thus Agnes grew enormously to fame through the show.

She and her family hunt animals and sea creatures such as caribou, bear, bison, fox, wolf, fish, walrus, seal, and whale. In some seasons, the family moves as far as 90 miles in search of the best hunt.

During those times, they pack the essential tents and equipment that they need for the hunting journey.

The show is a Primetime Emmy Award winner for Best Cinematography for Reality Programs. With an 8/10 rating on IMDb, the show has completed 14 whole seasons. The 15th season is scheduled to release in late 2020.

Products Agnes Makes

Other than hunting for food, Agnes Hailstone uses her skills and the kills for various other purposes. She extracts products such as meat, oil, and skin for tanning from her hunts.

The Famous Ulu Knife

The 5000 years old Alaskan Ulu Knife is a big part of Agnes’s life. Agnes, as seen on Life Below Zero, uses this knife to cut up moose and other meats.

When the viewers saw the reality television star doing her households with the knife, people immediately started researching about it.

Today the six inches-Alaskan Ulu Knife is sold on Amazon. Customers from different corners are happy with the function of the knife.

A typical Ulu knife comes with a comfortable solid hardwood handle. The knife weighs approximately 6 ounces.

Even though the standard size of the knife is 6 inches, the size has started to vary up to 12 inches. The blade is suitable for chopping nuts to slicing cheese and meats. It can also be useful for cleaning fish as well as dressing game.

For centuries, the natives of Alaska have been using the knife. It is an excellent use for making heavy chopping easier and also making fine cuts simple.

So, people, if you are over eighteen and love the traditional and better ways for food preparation, you should get your Ulu Knife for sure. You can purchase it on Amazon.

Agnes Hailstone: Controversy

Personally, Agnes Hailstone is a woman with no such controversy. However, the critics of the show, Life Below Zero have often dished about her lifestyle. Many people who have watched the show don’t necessarily agree with the lifestyle shown on screen.

People doubt that Alaskans live in such extreme conditions. Particularly, Agnes’s household has been criticized time and again. Be it for her daughters’ exposure to modern-day sports or their formal high schooling; these things have caught the attention of critics so far.

Regardless of the criticism, the fame Agnes has acquired is an undeniable truth.

Not only that, but people’s love for the show also speaks volume about what the viewers agree on to, whether the show is a whole truth or not.

Chip Hailstone’s Arrest in 2017

If you have watched all the seasons of Life Below Zero, then you probably know why Agnes’s husband, Chip Hailstone, was missing in the 10th season.

And, those who are planning to watch, here’s a little information.

Chip Hailstone served his jail sentence for 15 months. In July 2017, he received the prison charge with two counts of perjury and making false statements to police.

A few years back in 2011, he had accused an Alaskan state trooper of physically assaulting his daughter, Tinimaiq, who was only 17 years old then. Additionally, he had also claimed that a Noorvik resident pointed a rifle at his daughter following an altercation involving his stepson.

These claims had no proof. So, Chip had to serve the jail sentence for his false statement.

While Chip was away, Agnes and their daughters took care of the hunting duties. Because of the jail sentence, Chip had to miss a significant season of hunting.

Fifteen months later, Chip Hailstone was back on the show with his hunting rifle.

Agnes Hailstone: Net Worth

The national geographic reality show not only helped Agnes with her popularity but with an attractive fortune.

She and her husband collectively have a net worth of over $100 thousand.

Agnes makes most of her income as a reality television star.

Social Media Presence

Agnes Hailstone is not a social media person. She is not active on any of the social media platforms. However, her fans often mention her in their social media posts.

Despite more considerable popularity, Agnes Hailstone is yet to open her account on social media. It is unlikely to see her personally interacting on the internet given the lifestyle she has. But what’s wrong in being hopeful?

Quick Facts

Full Name Agnes Hailstone
Date of Birth June 14, 1972
Age 48 years
Birthplace Noorvik, Alaska
Nationality American
Ethnicity Inupiat
Spouse Chip Hailstone (1992-present)
Children Douglas and Jon Carter
(sons), Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Qutan
Net Worth $100 Thousand
Social Media Unavailable
Profession Reality Television Personality


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